Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lesson Planning on the Beach

I attended this fabulous workshop with CPALMS - the state run resource for teachers to download meaningful activities with any concept or standard you would teach in a given subject area.  The workshop I attended focused on geometry, and it has done a wonderful job breaking down the standards and really taking geometry to a whole new level.

What's more is that they cover your hotel room, and they actually pay you for attending.  However, you have to submit and work through the revision process on a lesson that will become part of their collection.  On a positive, you et publication credit, as well.  I had written my lesson and submitted it on time, but a week and a half had passed since I had received the corrections, and I was completely stuck.  With the second week of the workshop rapidly approaching and my stress level skyrocketing, I felt frustrated, down, and generally as far from ready to complete the revisions as I could have been.  Staring at the computer, I had almost left the remarks, and I had a flash of inspiration.

I called my boys in the living room, and I asked them to wrap up what they needed to do at home. I let them deck out in swimsuits, I gathered my materials, and we all went to the beach.  While my husband and boys swam and played, I walked in the edge of the water, watched the water and everyone at play, listened to the ocean and the music of the other beachgoers, and began to look over my lesson plan again.  I designed the test at the beach.  And I completed all of the other handouts and revisions when I arrived home.  My writer's block was gone.  I felt refreshed and motivated, and I was able to finish.

The beach was my last ditch effort to find a way to regroup and relax.  They say nature is one of the best things for the human mind, and they recommend it for children, people suffering from depression, etc.  I will say, I am a firm believer, because I have no doubt that if I had not made the beach trip today, I would still be sitting here with nothing done and no ideas.  So take a breath of fresh air and soak in the sun and nature at the beach, in the mountains, or wherever else helps you find your center.  We are far too anchored in our indoor routine, and there is a beautiful world out there waiting to be part of our life again.

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